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MyAccess ~ Installation

MyAccess requires two folders to be created on the server. The first is the main application directory. This folder must have web access enabled. The second folder is a private database folder. If you want MyAccess to be able to run in one of the two edit modes you will have to be granted write permissions to the database folder. It is not recommended to place the database folder within any web enabled directory as it would give anyone access to the database.

All of the settings used by MyAccess are stored in /includes/inc_config.asp. This file is commented and should be straight forward to follow.

Located near the top of the file is the following line:
const DB_DIR = "C:\ etc....."
The tell MyAccess which folder to look in for the database.

const DB_STR = "test.mdb"< br/> This line indicates the database you want MyAccess to access.

schema_edit_pref = true|false
This line determines if the data is editable, set it to true if you want to be able to insert, delete and update records.

database_edit_pref true|false
this variable determines if the database schema should be editable, set it to true if you want to be able to add/delete/edit the database structures (ie, add new tables)

The next three variables control user authentication. The password is encrypted using a sha256 algorithm. This ensures that even if someone get access to the source code they can't see your password. As of version 0.1.2 MyAccess does not have a built in sha256 has generator. But, there is a temporary online generator for the MyAccess project ( just type the password you want and the hash will be generated.

The only remaining parameter to set is the location of MyAccess relative to the site root
const SITE_ROOT = "/projets/myaccess/"
This variable is near the bottom of the file. If MyAccess is running in its own virtual directory set the variable to a single forward slash. (ie. const SITE_ROOT = "/.)

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